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Dalda Foundation Scholarships 2021

Scholarshiphive is here with the best scholarship opportunity for all students who are unable to continue their education due to low income. Dalda Foundation scholarships 2021 is open now. There are offering scholarships for all students who can prove that their income is less than 20000 monthly.

Dalda Foundation is supporting students for many years. Each year they select students from low-income families and assist them in getting an education by giving scholarships for their expenses. You should also visit Scholarships in China

Dalda Foundation always aims to help students who want to get higher education in Pakistan and there are continuously paying the expenses equal to the tuition fees of students. All you have to do is to prove that your family income is less than 20000.

You can apply for Dalda Foundation Scholarships 2021 and send the application form only before the deadline which is 30th October. After the deadline, the Dalda foundation will not receive any application and will not consider the application in any case. So to avail, this opportunity is quick and apply today before the deadline.

There are very few scholarships in Pakistan on college-level so try to appl on this scholarship because you are not getting any other opportunity better than this this year.

Brief Details About Dalda Foundation Scholarships :

Organization: Dalda Foundation

Who can apply: Students from schools and college

Who can avail: Income less than 20000

Country: Pakistan

Who can Apply?

Students from the following programs can apply for Dalda Foundation scholarships.

  • Pre-Engineering
  • Home Economics
  • ICS
  • Pre-Medical
  • Arts
  • Commerce
  • General Science
  • DAE

Eligibility Criteria :

Following are some condition which a student has to fulfill before applying on the Dalda Foundation scholarships.

  • Only the students from Pakistan can apply and avail of this opportunity.
  • Students from both the private sector school college and from the government colleges and schools can also avail of this great opportunity.
  • The age should be no more than 17 years for application on this scholarship.
  • Students from the O levels can also apply for this scholarship.
  • The maximum income should not be more than 20000 for the family of the applicant.
  • Students under different Punjab boards can also apply to this.

Minimum Percentage Required for application:

Students from the following fields with these minimum percentages can only apply for Dalda Foundation Scholarships.

  • General Science: 80% minimum
  • Pre-Engineering: 80%
  • Arts: 70% minimum
  • Pre-Medical: 80%
  • DAE: 70% minimum
  • Home Economics: 70% or above
  • Commerce: 75% minimum
  • ICS: 70%


Deadline for apply on this scholarship is October 30, 2020.

Apply Now:

Download the application form by below link:

You can submit your application through email by sending the application form at [email protected] and you can also apply by sending it by post services to the following address