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List of Universities For Study in Australia Without IELTS

Here is a List of Universities For Study in Australia Without IELTS. It’s the dream of several international students to study in Australia, particularly without IELTS. But there is a long list of pre-requisites to studying abroad that applicants must fulfill to get admission. But one of the most ordinary requirements is the English language ability test Grades. This article will explain the different Australian universities without IELTS. You can pursue your graduate, undergraduate, and research degree program.

We have a List of Universities For Study in Australia Without IELTS and also a list of university scholarships of Australia for you. All the top and best research-based universities are increasingly participating in full scholarships with financial support from the Australian Government.

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There are no application charges to study in Australia. Australia’s economy is an extremely developed market economy. The coronavirus crisis could leave Australia better off than numerous other countries. A third most famous country for international students. Great, and don’t worry too much! We will tell you the process how to get a scholarship in Australia.

Name of Australian Universities||without ILETS

Here is the name of Australian Universities which don’t require communication skills test like ILETS/TOEFL.

  1. Queensland University
  2. Bond University
  3. The University of Southern Queensland
  4. Swinburne University of Technology
  5. Macquarie University
  6. The University of South Australia
  7. The University of Adelaide
  8. University of new south Wales

Queensland University:

It gave you admission if your previous degree was in English medium Institute. To visit the website of the University of Queensland CLICK HERE.

The Swinburne University of Technology:

Also, admit candidates studying in schools where English was the secondary level of instruction. To visit the official website of Swinburn University CLICK HERE.

Macquarie University:

Only accept those students if they agree to learn an English program earlier than the beginning of the course. To visit the official website of Macquarie University CLICK HERE.

The University of South Australia:

It offers different tests for English proficiency, like CAE, PTE. To visit the official website of the University of South Australia CLICK HERE.

Bond University:

As the University of South Australia, Bond University offers different English language tests instead of IELTS. To visit the official website of Bond University CLICK HERE.

Which Fields Are Available In these Universities?

  1. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. Science
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. Engineering
  6. Environment
  7. Health
  8. Information Technology
  9. Law
  10. Degree of arts
  11. Social science
  12. Computer Science
  13. Architecture and design
  14. Medicine
  15. Nursing
  16. Health Sciences

Names of the Best Universities that offer scholarships.

 Need a Scholarship without IELTS ??? Click and Find here.

Australian National Scholarships(ANU):

It offers 600 plus scholarships every year for international students to study Graduate and Ph.D. programs. It is a National University and located in Canberra, the capital of Australia.

For More information  ANU University Scholarships

University of Melbourne Scholarship:

This university provides lavish scholarships for research students.

 For more information   Gilbert Rigg Scholarships

Australian Government Scholarships:

All charges of scholarship are cover by the Australian Government. Provides a scholarship of BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs.

University of Sydney Scholarships:

It offers fully-funded scholarships for international students. This scholarship application is open now. Students Of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Visit the link University of Sydney Scholarships 

Also, check below Scholarships without IELTS Test.

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