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PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024 is open now. Are you keen on exploring the secrets held within plant microbiome? If you’re passionate about merging molecular microbiology, microscopy, and microbiome analysis, we have an exciting PhD opportunity available. At the Faculty of Science, collaboration and personal growth take center stage in an energetic international environment. We prioritize both academic and individual development, aiming to expand fundamental knowledge and tackle future societal challenges. Our diverse research spans various fields, from mathematics, astronomy, and physics to biology and environmental sciences, housed within our eight institutes. With over 2300 members, we’re situated in Leiden’s Bio Science Park, a hub where academia and industry converge.

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Within the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL), our research centers on biodiversity and health, encapsulated by our motto “Harnessing Biodiversity for Health”. We delve into curiosity-driven studies to unravel fundamental queries and solution-focused research addressing critical societal concerns. These endeavors revolve around safeguarding biodiversity, promoting sustainable biotechnology and agriculture, and enhancing human health. Our research themes encompass Bioactive Molecules, Host-Microbe Interactions, Development & Disease, and Evolution & Biodiversity. IBL, situated alongside prominent scientific institutions like Naturalis Biodiversity Centre and Leiden University Medical Centre, offers an inclusive and globally-engaged environment for research and study.

The PhD candidate will be an integral part of a vibrant research team dedicated to exploring plant beneficial bacteria, delving into plant microbiomes, and examining bacteria-fungi interactions. The project will involve collaborative work with plant biologists, offering a dynamic and interdisciplinary research landscape.

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PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

Program: PhD Position

Nationality: International

Coverage: Fully Funded

Institute: Leiden University

Host Region: Netherland

Project: Spatial and Temporal Plant Microbiome

Eligibility Criteria for PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

  • Strong background in plant-microbiome interaction, particularly in bacterial interactions
  • Advantageous to have knowledge in microbial ecology and evolutionary theory
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work efficiently within a team
  • Possess a critical mindset on host-bacteria genetics in plant-microbiomes
  • Preferred experience in
    • Plant and bacteria cultivation
    • Microbiome analysis
    • Molecular microbiology (genetic engineering of bacteria)
    • Fluorescence microscopy

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Project Description for PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

In this project, we delve into the intricate relationship between microorganisms and plant vitality. The influence of microorganisms on plant growth and protection is significant, particularly in their colonization of the plant—whether on the surface within the rhizosphere or internally as endophytes. This colonization is a result of various genetic factors inherent to the host and its complex microbiome. Focusing specifically on Bacilli, the candidate will explore the nuanced effects of plant host genetics on the colonization processes within the rhizosphere and endosphere by these microorganisms.

Responsibilities for PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

  • Conduct assessments on plant varieties and mutants to understand their susceptibility to colonization by endophytic bacteria.
  • Evaluate the microbiome makeup in different crop and model plants in the company of biocontrol bacterial strains.
  • Utilize the microscopy unit at the Institute of Biology to examine fluorescently labeled bacteria and study the temporal and spatial aspects of plant-microbiome interactions.

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Benefits of PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

  • All PhD students are integrated into the Leiden University Graduate School of Science.
  • Initially, a full-time one-year position with the potential for a three-year extension upon positive evaluation.
  • Salary ranging from €2.770 to €3.539 gross per month (pay scale P as per Dutch Universities’ Collective Labour Agreement).
  • Eligibility for substantial tax breaks may be available for candidates from outside the Netherlands.
  • Additional benefits include an 8% holiday bonus, an 8.3% end-of-year bonus, training, career development, and sabbatical leave.
  • The individual choices model offers flexibility in tailoring personal terms and conditions.

Required Documents for PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

  • CV
  • Motivation Letter

How to Apply for PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University 2024

  • Interested applicants must apply online.
  • Link to apply online is given below.
  • Upload all required documents.
  • Fill out information carefully.
  • Application received after last date will not be considered.
  • For inquiries about the position, contact Prof. Dr. Ákos T. Kovács through following given email address.
  • Contact Christina Kamerman for details on the recruitment process by following given email address.

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  • Last date to apply for PhD Position in Netherland at Leiden University is 11 February, 2024.

Email Address of Prof. Dr. Ákos T. Kovács

[email protected]

Email Address of Christina Kamerman

[email protected]