Friday, April 19, 2024

Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024

Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024 is open now. The Spain Seasonal Worker Visa, operating under a Spain Employment Permit, facilitates temporary employment for non-European nationals in Spain’s agriculture, tourism, and hospitality sectors, lasting up to 9 months. As of February 17, 2024, the minimum monthly wage in Spain is €1,134.00, applicable to all workers, including seasonal ones. This visa is tailored to address transient labor demands, requiring applicants to apply for an Employee Visa, intended for those aged 16 and above seeking employment with a work contract in Spain. The seasonal work activities encompassed by this visa mandate the acquisition of a work and residence permit before visa application. Spain, in line with the European Migration Network (EMN) report, issued 5,864 seasonal permits in 2017, 14,002 in 2018, and 12,015 in 2019, focusing on sectors like agriculture, tourism, and hospitality.

Non-Europeans, irrespective of nationality, are eligible to apply for the seasonal permit, allowing a work duration of up to 9 months within a 12-month period, corresponding to the work contract’s validity. Priority is accorded to non-EU citizens from countries with bilateral agreements with Spain, including Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Mauritania, and Ukraine. Morocco led in 2018 with 12,754 seasonal permits, primarily for red fruit collection campaigns during spring and summer. Upon receiving a job offer, employers must secure a work permit from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office or relevant labor department in the Autonomous Communities.

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Once authorized, the work permit and residence permit are granted simultaneously by the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office. Subsequently, applicants must seek a work and residence visa from the Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence to enter Spain for employment.

Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024

Program: Seasonal Work Visa

Nationality: International

Host Region: Spain

Age: 18 and 39 Years

Eligible Countries for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024

  • Non-European Countries
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Dominican Republic
  • Morocco
  • Mauritania
  • Ukraine

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Requirement for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024

  • Obtain a job offer from a Spanish employer.
  • Acquire a Work and Residence Permit.
  • Compile necessary documents.
  • Submit the visa application.

Accommodation and Travelling Payment for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024

  • Employers must cover travel costs for seasonal workers.
  • Accommodation for seasonal workers is a legal requirement in Spain.

How to Apply for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024

  • To Apply for the Visa you need to make an appointment from BLS Spain through following given link.
  • Select the Visa type. It will tell you about the Visa fee, the documents required, and the National Visa Application Form.
  • Then Book an appointment through the BLS Visa application center.
  • Attend an interview to answer questions about your application and plans.
  • It is important to consult with the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate for the latest information and specific requirements for applying for a Spain Seasonal Worker Visa.


  • Applications are open to apply for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Spain 2024.