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Emile Boutmy Funded Scholarship France 2023

Another scholarship is available now in France. It is a dream country to visit for many of us and now you have a chance to study in this beautiful country. Applications are open now for Emile Boutmy Funded Scholarship France 2023. You can apply for Bachelors’s, Masters’s, and Ph.D. Program. Students of the Non-European union can apply in this scholarship. Science Po University in Paris is awarding this scholarship. More than 14000 students are there are studying different courses and almost half of them are international students. So, this shows that you have bright chances for a scholarship at this university.

In this scholarship the duration is three years for bachelors Program,2 years for Master’s program and The duration for PhD course is a total 3 years. Don’t worry you don’t need to be expert in French language for study becauses all available courses are in English language

Emile Boutmy Funded Scholarship Brief Details:

Location: Paris, France

University Name: Science Po University France

Last date: Different Deadline according to courses

List of available Academic Fields:

Ph.D Degree Program

For PhD it is available in economics in English Program in Emile Boutmy Funded Scholarship.

Undergraduate, Masters, PhD 

  • International Affairs
  • Public Affairs
  • Management & Innovation
  • Law
  • Urban School
  • Doctoral School

Scholarship For Bachelors Degree:

This scholarship is available for Bachelors program for students in first year.

  • Following are different type of scholarships for students:
  • 73000 euros for three years plus 5000 euros for the cost of living.
  • 7300 euro for three years Bachelors Program.
  • 5000 euro per year grant for three years Bachelors Program
  • 3000 per year for three years Program.
  • A scholarship of 19000 euros for three years on an exceptional Basis.

Scholarship For Masters Program:

This scholarship is available for Masters program for students in first year.

  • Following are different type of scholarships for students:
  • For covering tuition fee for two years of Master’s program scholarship of 10000 euro is available
  • For two years of Masters’s Program, A grant of 5000 euros is available.
  • Your scholarship can be lost if you didn’t validate your scholarship
  • If you decided to delay your admission you will not be eligible for scholarship anymore.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • For applying on this scholarship you have to fulfill these following requirements:
  • You have to be the first time applicant of this scholarship.
  • You should be from a non-European Union state and your household does not have file taxes in Europe.
  • You have to take admission in available courses devised by scholarship to be a part of scholarship list.
  • You cannot combine this scholarship with other scholarships and the only jury can decide for you.
  • On the basis of academic merits, they will award you the scholarship.
  • For this scholarship, social criteria will also be considered.
  • You have to apply online with your admission application for the scholarship.

Last Date For Apply:

As there are three different courses like Bachelors ,Masters and PhD are available so deadlines for all of these available courses are different.

How To Apply?

You can apply on this scholarship by using following link:

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