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How to Write a professional recommendation letter?

Write a professional recommendation letter by following the guidelines provided by us. Writing a better and professional recommendation letter can surely increase your chances of getting a scholarship and jobs.

What is a Recommendation Letter?

 Getting into professional life is not easy especially when you asked to come up with a document like a recommendation letter. But no worries, now you can write a professional recommendation letter we are here for your help. Follow our guidelines about this document and get a perfect way up for writing a recommendation letter professionally of any type.

A letter of recommendation is a document that you write down for someone who is going to be hired for a job, internship, get university admission, any position for leadership, or any volunteer ship. It is normally a more formal manuscript and differs from a usual reference as it gives more details about a person. Advisors, administrators, or previous directors are the most suitable persons for penning down this type of document. Also, read about How to Write a Statement of Purpose Or Motivation Letter?

Types of Recommendation Letter:

There are three main types of recommendation letters namely academic, employment, and character letters. Academic letter guides the admission committee about your achievements, scholarships, and all curriculum details before. The employment letter concludes all the professional history of the employee in a single record such as work ethics, performance, history, and other personal success.

A character reference letter is often used in legal settings such as adopting a child, residential matters, etc. You can get a third type of letter written from a businessman or landlord or from people with which you good terms.

Why Recommendation Letter is necessary?

If you want a job in a very competitive environment like the financial fields or medical areas, you will have to provide this letter along with your CV or resume and cover letter. Sometimes, when you get admittance in a renowned university or hired for some potential employer, you will have to attach the letter to protect their interests.

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Requirements of Recommendation Letter:

The person who is going to write this letter for you can jot down freely his judgments and thoughts about you. Your relationship, skill, and character are the three basic things that writer goanna write about. The first paragraph shows the relationship of the writer with you. Make sure you have an employment record with your recommender and should be qualified enough to write a positive recommendation letter for you. Similarly, the recommender should be well aware of your skills and easily assess your character.

Format of Recommendation Letter:

The letter has three sections. The first one is opening which includes an introduction and statement of recommendation. The second section is a body in which you talk about the reasons and skills of a person for whom you are writing a letter. Lastly, is the closing section which shows the writer’s level of confidence in you. The length of the letter depends upon the category of recommendation letter.


      It contains an introduction and statement of recommendation within two paragraphs. the first paragraph is about 1 line and the second one gives the writer introduction in 3-4 lines.


  The second section includes 2-6 paragraphs each containing 3-4 lines. The first 2 paragraphs show the list of specific reasons you are recommending a person for a specific position. The next 3-4 paragraphs include the personal stories of you an individual with proof to mention about individual’s both hard and soft skills.


  In the end, you give a closing statement with your level of confidence in a person, for which you are writing a letter, about a particular job within one paragraph. The last paragraph is about your contact information.

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Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter:

Write a professional recommendation letter by following these tips:

1. Write in a business letter format. For Example,

    Mr. XYZ


   Firm Name


2. Concentrate on job requirements and description of the person for whom you are writing a letter and share specific skills accordingly.

3. Emphasize on soft and hard skills of a person by sharing how long you have known each other with incidents. In short, share personal stories.

4. Remain positive about recommendation throughout the letter. If you cannot recommend someone without reservation, simply, declining his request for writing a letter to him.

5. Get all the details of the recommended person through his CV or resume. Follow the letter submission guidelines by asking a person for whom you are doing it.

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Sample of Recommendation Letter

(Employment Recommendation Letter)

Your information



Working Address


Information of whom it may concern



Working Address


   It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Mr./Ms. (for whom you are writing a letter) for job name and designation.

Your introduction, Working information in 3-4 lines

During our time together, describe some specific reasons that why the candidate (for whom you are writing a letter) is suitable for your job in 2-3 paragraphs each of 3-4 lines.

Share your personal experiences with the candidate showing his technical skills and other qualities within 3-4 paragraphs each of 3-4 lines.

In the end, show the candidate level of ability for job designation and your confidence in the candidate in one paragraph.

Share your all contact information regarding so that you can provide some additional perspectives of the candidate.


Your Handwritten Signature (for hard copy letter)


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