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How to Get Abroad Fully Funded Scholarships

Students want to study abroad to fulfill their dreams. But the major issue is we have no guidance up till now about how to get Abroad Fully Funded Scholarships? Everyone tries their best with the full potential to study abroad but soon they get low-spirited due to heavy cost issues. No worries, we are here to let you believe that there are thousands of study abroad scholarships literally available for Students. All students should know the proper guidelines and instructions before applying to these study-abroad scholarships in 2020. We are giving you a proper way to get this opportunity. Follow the given steps and get a full scholarship to study abroad. Check now USA Scholarships and apply now:

The Cost of Studying Abroad

I want to study abroad Fully Funded Scholarships! Many students dream of turning this wish into reality. Unfortunately, they do not see the appropriate instruct graphic for guidance. Before jump into the scholarship sources, make one thing clear in your head. You are not well-off enough who constantly spend big bucks for scholarships without understanding all the perspectives of it. Try to apply for those scholarships, which are free and their forms are available online. The cost-cutting habits should be at the top of your checklist. Some full study abroad scholarships have also fee, and you have to pay for it. When you get selected, you could not leave the scholarship because of not paying the other expenditures.

Type of Students Suitable for Abroad Scholarships

The following categories will increase your chances of selection. Before applying to any scholarship, must check if you fall into any of these student categories.

Minority Students:

International institutes like the diversity of many students having gender and nationality mixes. If you belong to this type, you should apply for the scholarship. There are higher chances of your selection in the institutes, which promote their general attractiveness internationally if you are the only student from your country.

Poor Students:

Many educational institutions set their sights on poor students which family income is too low, yet the students have the potential to make the mark. Many highly ranked schools, for example, Harvard has fully funded scholarships for their students with low-income families. So, get yourself accepted in the first place.

Students having Special Talent/ Skills:

Many Universities particularly in the US, give opportunities to students who have some special skills like music, sports, etc. This type of students can rank their university up globally if they become famous due to their skills.

Undergraduate Students having Academic Talent:

It is a fact that Pakistani Students are very talented academically. So, if you have good grades and you have high scores in required entrance exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc., you have higher chances of getting a scholarship. Also, read about GRE Test Guidelines and Tips

TOEFL English Language Test Complete Guidelines

Postgraduate Students:

Master Students have gained a lot of knowledge and experience after the Bachelor’s degree. You can apply as this type of student to the scholarship for free tuition. But in exchange, you can assist in administrative work or assist a professor.

Ph.D. Students:

Ph.D. students have higher chances of getting funded. You are going to prove a valuable asset to the institution. Because you can teach subjects at university and help other masters students in their research. You can also get supported by a fellowship grant from the government, companies, etc. if you are researching technical subjects. Therefore, must apply for the higher studies scholarships.

If you do not belong to any of the categories, you still have a chance to get a scholarship. Do not consider yourself out of the game.

Sources of Study Abroad Fully Funded Scholarships

Scholarship Databases:

Google the scholarship databases. There are many databases and consultants available online. Make sure you apply for those scholarships which are free to apply. If you have to pay before selection, it is most likely a scam.

Your Institution

If you have a consultant at your university, you should talk with him for guidance. Discuss with other people who have taken the scholarship in your institution. Make everything clear by asking questions.

Your Home Country

Many countries also offer funds or loans for students to study abroad. You should research your home country for different organizations that offer funds or grants for talented and ambitious students.

Your Dream Country

Almost all countries provide abroad Fully Funded Scholarships for incoming international students. Many developed countries grant funds and scholarships for young students. For example, the US Fulbright Commission is offering scholarships to the students to study in the USA.

Your Dream Institute

Most prestigious and renowned institutions also provide scholarships for all types of students. Search all the details about the scholarship on the institute website. If you want to take admission to that university, meet all the requirements of scholarships, and keep the grades up.

Steps to Apply for Scholarship

1.    Reach out more People

Do not afraid to ask for help from people for scholarships. Go in-person to the professors, University administration or financial aid office, and academic advisors. Ask them every detail of the scholarship they know. Ask questions about the scholarships, so that they get impressed by your clear determination, and help you.

2.    Type of Scholarships

There is a rule of success these days. Do more and more research. Apply as much as you can. It can increase your chances of getting financial aid. Google about the scholarships, if you are eligible, then make your way. There are many types of scholarships available to study abroad.

a)    Location Specific Scholarships

As described earlier, some scholarships are available to encourage the students to study in specific countries. Your dream institutions, your own country, etc. help students with special types of funds and grants.

b)   Program-Specific Study Abroad Scholarships

You can also study abroad through a particular degree or program. This initiative can be taken by the university or educational organizations. You can independently go to study abroad through the program. UGRAD is an example of this scholarship.

c)    Student-Specific Scholarships

The characteristics of students can also help them to study abroad. The factors like gender, race religion, disabilities can also ease institutions to let special students in to promote students.

d)   Organization-Provided Scholarships

Go through research of non-profit organization which provides scholarships to the deserving students. Make sure you match their criteria.

3.    Contact Directly

If you have enough resources and passion to study abroad. You have to be on their radar. If you contact the funder directly, you will know all the nitty-gritty details and up to date application requirements. This will help you to provide all the correct information and actively follow your desired scholarship.

4.    Scholarship Application

Generally, the abroad Fully Funded Scholarships application consists of a CV/resume, an essay, a transcript of your grades, financial aid documents, and letters of recommendation. Some of the other documents also include which vary according to the type of scholarship. Let’s get into the detail of each requirement.

a)    CV/Resume

After completing the list of scholarships, make sure you have completely designed and written the necessary documents. The CV should be on top of these requires documents. The cover letter must go along with CV, and it highlights why you deserve the scholarship. Write your CV concisely, and must mention all the experience and campus activities. If you are applying for a scholarship given by an international institute, you should examine what kind of CV/ resume and cover letter is needed. You can make a professional CV for scholarships by following our guidelines. How to Write a CV (CV Writing Guidelines and Tips)

b)   Recommendation Letter

Some institutes also demand personal references besides your CV/ Resume and cover letter. It means you have to go to your professor and ask for some help to write this letter. Some tips are given so that you would not apply without the letter. 1. Ask in advance to your professor so he can prepare mentally and write as best as he can. 2. Ask your most recent professor and employer to write for you. How to Write a professional recommendation letter?

c)    Essay

Some applications require essays. Write on every piece of the essay. Gradually, write your essay. Do not write an essay in a single time. You should convince the reader why you need this scholarship. Write down your essay in a way that it can well be adapted to other scholarships as well.

5.    Organize Yourself

Always apply on time. Make sure that you take notes of every scholarship that you want to apply for. Write down the scholarship link, its deadline, and all the documents required in your notes. Nothing should be missed out.  Prioritize yourself which scholarship is most important to you and why. Work on every reason that makes you the best candidate. Apply as much as you can. Do not ruin your grades. Most of the scholarships require good grades average. Make yourself confident enough to work on the grades.

6.    Your Passion

Let your passion drive your profession. Be true to yourself. Express truly who you are and why you need the scholarship. In the end, if you do no get selected for a scholarship, do not depress. Many other scholarships and websites are waiting for you. Money matters somehow. But passion and reason are the main things that let you be sincere with yourself.

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Article Written BY

Miss Mahpara Tabassum (Pharm-D)