Saturday, July 20, 2024

Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024

Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024 is open now. The World Trade Organization Internship Programmes 2024 present a remarkable opportunity for individuals worldwide seeking practical work exposure and career development. This international internship welcomes postgraduate students to collaborate with the globally renowned organization, providing insights into an advanced environmental setting. Working under top-ranked supervisors at the World Trade Organization (WTO), interns can refine their academic knowledge and skills, enhancing their prospects in the job market.

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As the sole global organization handling trade rules between nations, the WTO plays a crucial role in negotiating and ratifying agreements among world trading nations. The organization’s mission is to facilitate smooth, predictable, and free trade. The paid internship offers a unique experience for postgraduate students seeking a career in their specific areas of interest. The WTO, funded by member contributions, plays a pivotal role in providing technical cooperation and training to developing countries, empowering them to leverage the global trading system for maximum benefit.

Interns at the WTO have the opportunity to work in diverse areas such as finance, human resources, administration, IT, communications, information management, trade laws and policy, economics, and more. This experience fosters a deeper understanding of the WTO’s trade policies and encourages collaboration among individuals from various cultural backgrounds. By providing viable solutions to trade constraints, the internship contributes to the development of nations. Overall, the WTO Internship Programmes aim to equip individuals with practical skills and insights into global trade dynamics.

Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024

Program: Internship

Coverage: Fully Funded

Nationality: International

Duration: 6 Months

Benefits of Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024

  • Increased understanding of world trade procedures across countries
  • Enhancement of subject knowledge through real-life work experience
  • Daily stipend of CHF 60
  • Exposure to international work environment

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Fields Offered By Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024

  • Trade law
  • Economics
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Statistics
  • Human Resources
  • Language services
  • IT and communications
  • Information Management and others

Eligibility Criteria for Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024

  • National of a WTO member state
  • Completed undergraduate studies in a relevant discipline
  • Completed a minimum of one year of post-graduation
  • Age between 21 to 30 years
  • National of a state, country, or territory engaged in accession negotiations

How to Apply for Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024

  • Apply through the WTO job platform
  • Candidates selected from the roster
  • Choose the area of interest
  • Provide supporting documents as mentioned in the application form
  • Complete and submit the application carefully


  • Applications are open to apply for Internship by World Trade Organization (WTO) 2024.