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Top 5 High Paying Jobs With NO Education

When it comes to finding a well-paying job that you can get with NO college education, it can definitely be difficult. But there’s good news for all of us – if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, there are companies out there that will pay high salaries for no education. Even those who do have a college degree sometimes find themselves in areas where jobs are scarce.

You can fully learn these skills from online courses, blogs, or online resources including YouTube. Also, diplomas from popular online learning websites such as Udemy, Coursera, and Udacity involve real-world projects. After meeting the relevant criteria, students also receive a certificate confirming their training.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary abilities, you may apply for employment, establish your own business, or earn a livelihood by freelancing. Without formal schooling, many are already generating a huge amount of money. You Can Also Check Coursera 1000+ Online Free Courses

In this article, you will learn about high-paying jobs without educational qualifications.

1.   Web Development

You need to look into web development. Web design and development is a higher skill that can lead to higher income. As an independent developer, you will have the freedom to choose where you want to live and work.

You will have the ability to work on projects of your own choosing, which may include software development, website design, mobile application development, or backend auditing for large corporations.

There are three main categories of web development:

  • A front-end web developer typically builds the site’s layout and coding decisions
  • A back-end developer handles the requests and data transferred between users and the website.
  • Mobile application development is where a company puts apps on smartphones or tablets to identify potential customers for a product line or service.

Paying Methods:

According to PayScale,

  • A junior front-end developer gets= $72,399 per year
  • A back-end developer earns= $73,361 each year
  • A full-stack developer earns= $75,057 per year.

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2.   Search Engine Optimization

It can take days or weeks of work to effectively rank a website in the top search results.

The Internet is full of search engine optimization jobs. You don’t have to have a degree to get these positions, though. With a little nudge, you can get listed in top search results for specific keywords. Be sure to test each listing thoroughly before submitting your application.

The pay varies widely, but these opportunities are worth pursuing regardless.

Managed SEO – A professional will manage your SEO strategies and tactics, but you may need to do the grunt work.

  • On-page or technical SEO
  • Off-page or link building
  • Social media marketing

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3.  Social media manager

There are many jobs in the world that can be done from home or using a cell phone. However, when looking for a social media manager, keep in mind there are several roles in social media management. The person who maintains your online presence is known as the “social media manager”. This can be the person who promotes your business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It could also be the person responsible for the content created by others, including photos and videos.

It is one of the most prominent occupations in 2021, with a salary of about $50,816 each year.

4.  Content Writing

Content writing offers flexibility, resulting in more opportunities for doing things you enjoy. Because it’s such a flexible job title, you can build up your portfolio based on content ideas rather than just writing content for your employer’s needs.

Content writing is a rough and tumbles job that involves a lot of thinking. If you enjoy writing, then there’s no better place to put your energy.

It’s usually between $10 and $20 per article but can go up or down depending on how much interest your clients have in their accounts and other factors.

5.  Graphic designing

Graphic designers are among the most sought-after professionals in today’s economy. Although it may seem boring and unappealing, graphic design is an important skill that can turn you into a successful businessperson or even a designer of premium brands.

Graphic design is an activity that involves representing the personality of a business or product in a form that is easy to understand and attractive. It is made up of three main steps: developing ideas, researching tools and media that are utilized, and choosing a final design that will communicate the message effectively.

Average Income: $45,261 annually.

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