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Humphrey Exchange Program USA

Humphrey Exchange Program USA is open now. This Program is for proficient professionals who are wants to consolidating their amazing leadership abilities by learning and comprehension regarding problems of mutual interest in the United States and the Fellows’ home nations.

The Fellowship gives precious opportunities for professional growth by chosen university programs, conference attendance, networking, and hands-on work experiences as a non-degree program.

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Unlike a common bachelor academy experience, the program supports scholars to travel from their main university to study more regarding American literature and to the system with their American companions.

The Humphrey Fellowship is for you if you are curious about broadening your horizons and becoming a world leader. Candidates and representatives would like to submit their proposals to the Office of the Institute of International Education through October 1. the last date of applying differ by country.

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Programs Available:

Human and institutional development includes. 

  • Public Administration
  • Technology Policy and Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • Economic Development
  • Public Policy Analysis 

Rights and freedoms

  • International Religious Freedom
  • Law and Human Rights
  • Trafficking in Policy and Prevention
  • Communications/Journalism

Sustainable Lands

  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Rural Development
  • Agricultural Development 

Emerging parties

  • Public health policy and administration
  • Higher Education Administration
  • HIV / AIDS Policy and Prevention
  • Educational Administration, Planning and Policy
  • Infectious and contagious diseases
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Education, treatment, and prevention of substance use

Financial Advantages 

  • You will get a chance for practicing English language for free.
  • Incase of accident or disuse they will give insurance coverage.
  • You will get a proper stipend for your work.
  • You will get one time allowance for settling down there for your period of stay.
  • You will asl get grant for different exposures including different field tours listen to different talks between professionals.
  • Tuition fee is waived for this opportunity.



Fellowship program components:

  • Seminars udder Humphrey program.
  • You will get a chance to learn professional development.
  • Global Leadership forum from Washington
  • Free courses for English language.



The number of awards:

About 150 fellowships are awarded yearly.

Eligible Criteria:

  • Undergraduate (first academy or graduates) qualification
  • You need an experience of 5 years as professional practice.
  • You need to show the excellent administrative qualities.
  • You should present a report regarding your services in civil society.
  • You have to pass English language skills and ability exam.


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Deadline of this scholarship?

Applying for scholarship before October 1 2022.

How to apply?

Application deadlines differ by country but are approximately May to September every year. The designated U.S. Embassy or Binary Fulbright Commission will guide you on its application deadline for applications.

Step By Step Application Procedure Procedure Video Link Is Below:

Visit the official website Link Given Below:

For other Eligible Countries:

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