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Want to study in ITALY SINGAPORE ??? Among these Singapore has the best education system in the world or you want to study in a European country like ITALY which is one of the best countries in Europe for international students, But wait a minute you want to study in one of these two places but without IELTS exam score.

Yes, today we are here with a complete list of universities of Singapore and Italy that are offering admission to international students without IELTS exam scores all you have to do is to submit an English language proficiency certificate from your university.

You will be amazed how this thing works in the top-level countries without IELTS yes in both of these countries many universities will not ask for an IELTS exam score because your previous degree’s language of instruction was ENGLISH.

Also, CHECK HERE a list of universities to study in CHINA TURKEY JAPAN without IELTS.

Now we will talk about list of universities from above two countries below:


In all European countries, ITALY Is one of the best destinations for international students to study but why is considered best??

Below I have mentioned all reasons:

  • In all universities, you will find a Course in the English language also.
  • Universities fees are very low and in most universities, you will easily get fee waiver scholarships.
  • You can get regional scholarships easily which covers the university tuition fee and also the monthly stipends which can easily cover your living cost and food costs.
  • You can easily get admission there without ENGLISH LANGUAGE EXAM SCORES.
  • Some universities offer admission without university tests and online interviews.

Below is list of ITALIAN UNIVERSITIES which offer admission without IELTS:

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Camerino
  • Bologna
  • University of Bozen-Bolzano
  • Naples Federico
  • Florence
  • Trento
  • Reggio Calabria
  • Padua
  • Verona
  • Pisa

Apart from the above list of universities am mentioning some Italian universities scholarships for you people so you can keep checking on them and apply them at a suitable time and can study in ITALY on a fully-funded scholarship have a look at the below list and check all of these:

(1) The University of Padova Fully Funded Scholarship CLICK HERE and read details about it.

(2) University of Bologna Italy fully funded Scholarships CLICK HERE and read details about it.

(3) Italian Government Funded Scholarships CLICK HERE and read details about it.


Now let’s move on Singapore a country from Asia if you don’t have plans to move in Europe but wanted to stay in an Asian country but it should be best among in ASIA then Singapore is the best choice for you.

Singapore has on of the world’s best educational system in the world. Most of the universities in Singapore don’t have nay application fee for apply .Mostly universities also offers fully funded scholarships. The best thing about Singapore you don’t need any IELTS Exam for apply.

Apart from the above-mentioned university, there are also many Singapore universities that offer admission to all international students on fully-funded scholarships you should check all these one by one to apply on premium time.

(1) Singapore University of Technology And Designs Fully Funded Scholarships CLICK HERE and read details about this scholarship.

keep visiting this page we will also ad other fully funded scholarships from Singapore here soon.

Theses above mentioned all details are only for admission purposes not for VISA requirements.

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