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International Centre for Theoretical Physics ICTP Prize 2022

International Centre for Theoretical Physics ICTP Prize 2022 is open now. The latest great chance is also available at Opportunities Circle. Nominations for the ICTP Prize 2022 are now being accepted. Recent college grads from developing nations who have achieved significant scientific advances are encouraged to apply. The grand prize consists of a monetary award, a sculpture, and a certificate of achievement.

Young scientists that excel have excellent chances of receiving international acclaim for their work. This will help the applicants get forward in their chosen fields. The deadline for submitting prize claims is September 30, 2022.

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The award is given to a young physicist from a developing country who has made a significant and novel contribution to the field.In the past, the Fundamental Physics Prize has gone to people like Fernando Quevedo, the former director of the International Center for Theoretical Physics, and Ashoke Sen, a theoretical physicist from India who won the honor in 2012. (1998).The ICTP claims that anybody can submit a nomination for the ICTP Prize.

These pieces of information are required before a candidate may be considered: Complete and current CV with details such as date and place of birth, citizenship, primary employers, primary responsibilities, and any relevant honors or distinctions.In addition, for the 2022 award, candidates must have earned their doctorate no more than 12 years prior, on or after December 31, 2010. (or after 31 December 2009 for women with one child; after 31 December 2008 for women with two children).

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Two letters of recommendation are needed in addition to a brief summary of your scientific accomplishments and the citation you wish to be awarded for them.To be considered for the ICTP Prize, submissions must be submitted by September 30, 2022. To be considered, nominations must be submitted using ICTP’s online application system.

More Information About prize:

  • Financial security: fully funded
  • Developing countries are eligible.
  • The deadline is September 30th, 2022.

Info About award:

Abdus Salam, a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, founded the International Centre for Theoretical Physics Prize in 1982. This global award was created to honor the outstanding achievements of young physicists from developing countries. It also helps enhance high-level physics and mathematics studies. The mission of the ICTP is to advance the professional development of scientists. As an added bonus, it aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge and on-going training they’ll need to build jobs that last a lifetime. The brain drain of scientific talent from developing countries has been significantly slowed by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Former laureates include Ashoke Sen (1989), a theoretical physicist from India, and Richard Feynman (2012), a mathematical genius and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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What Are The Benefits Under This award?

Thanks to this international grant, ICTP will be able to provide the following benefits:

• The winner will get a certificate.

• They will receive the sculpture as well.

• ICTP is a certificate-issuing organization as well.

What Documents Are The Required For Applying For this award?

•      A recent resume detailing your background (birthplace, date of birth, nationality, education, jobs had, present position, duties, and awards).

•      The candidate should also detail their scientific contributions and the sources they want to cite.

•      At least two-character references.

If the following data were made available, the ICTP’s selection process would be facilitated.

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•      Current phone number

•      Email address

•      List of significant publications


The award consists of:

  • A sculpture
  • An award in cash and a certificate.

What Are The Requirements For Applying For this award?

The following are the requirements for the ICTP Prize:

  • Anyone is able to suggest a contender for the ICTP Prize.
  • To be eligible for the 2022 award, applicants must have received their PhD no more than 12 years prior, preferably after December 31, 2010. (or for Women with one child after 31 December 2009, for women with two children after 31 December 2008).
  • Self-nominations for the ICTP award are also allowed.

What is the last date and application process for submission of the Application?

Below you can find information on how to apply for the ICTP Prize in 2022.

  • To access the application, please click the “apply now” button below.
  • The first step is to create an account (If not registered already).
  • Then, you must comply with the request for information in its entirety.
  • Make sure to present correct data and figures.
  • The ICTP Prize must be submitted by September 30, 2022.