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Max Planck Fully Funded Internship Germany

Want to do an internship in Germany this year in Summer then here is good news for you Max Planck Fully Funded Internship Germany is open now for all international students from all over the world. This is a fully-funded internship program and there is no application fee for online application.

Students from the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs can avail this opportunity this year. You are eligible to apply for this internship opportunity from Germany if you belong to one of these fields Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology, and the duration of this internship is 2 and half months in Summer. You should also avail this internship opportunity

Some Brief Details of Internship Program:

Location for Internship: Germany
Funded Type: Fully funded
The total duration of the internship:2.5 Months
Last date for submission of application:15th February 2022


What are the benefits of this internship?

In case of selection you will get following benefits:

  • Selected participants will get free housing.
  • All the candidates will get a monthly stipend of 800 euros which is more than enough.
  • You will get your money back which is used to travel during your program.

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What are the basic eligibility criteria for applying for this internship program?

  • International applicants from all over the world can avail of this opportunity.
  • If you are student from the field of chemistry ,Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Psychology, computer science and if any field related to it you can apply on it.
  • Apart from other students applications are also welcome from the students of Bachelor’s Graduate and Post graduate students.
  • We welcome applications of Bachelor, Master, or Post-Master Students that have already gained some Research Experience during their studies.
  • We invite applications from excellent students with top grades from all countries.

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What Documents are required for applying for this Max Planck Internship Program?

All the Documents listed below Must be Submitted in English or German.

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What is the last date for submission of the online application?

15th February 2022 is the deadline for the submission of the online application form for the Max Planck fully funded Internship program in Germany.

How I can apply for this internship?

Like all other international internship opportunities application procedure is completely online and you can apply from now. Just upload all required documents on the online portal. For applying online and more details you can visit the official website of Max Planck Internship Germany click here.

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