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UNESCO Fully Funded Internship opportunity 2022

UNESCO Fully Funded Internship opportunity 2022 is open now. Students wishing to embark on their professional journey in the field of science, education, and cultural background can apply at an ideal international organization UNESCO. The students can get practical work experience in the different priority areas offered by UNESCO. This internship will enable young talented people to understand the domains and main drives of the organization. The improvement of relevant academic knowledge through the weekly assignments will buckle up them for their future. Since organizations have zero tolerance against all kinds of harassment, the internship will force up the student to work boldly in the professional environment with confidence.

The solidarity of society will make a huge impact on global peace along with political and economic developments. The internees will learn about developing the sustainable goals of the year 2030. The diverse environment unitedly promotes the international corporate sectors.

The organization is manifesting religious tolerance, cultural diversity, and freedom of expression as an outcome of the war. So, the students are highly encouraged to apply in different areas of UNESCO through this internship.

The crux of the Fully Funded UNESCO Internship programs 2021:

Registration Status: Open

Internship Mode:  Graduate offline/ Physical The country hosting the internship: Countries in partnership with UNESCO Financial Coverage: Fully funded Internship Type: Paid Internship application processing time: Six months Internship time duration: 2 to 6 months Eligibility: Graduate students of any nationality. Deadline for Application: Not specified, varied from one internship to another internship.

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Are you Completely Eligible for this Internship?

  • The students must be of 20 years at the time of applying.
  • The candidates have a very strong command of the communication and interpersonal skills
  • The students should have language proficiency in English and French.

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Other documents necessary for Eligibility:

The candidates will be eligible if they:

  • ID/Certificate of Enrolment/Diploma as proof for having a graduation degree.
  • Eligible for the necessary visas of countries where the internship will be undertaken
  • Must have financial assistance for travel to the site of the internship.
  • You need to get the health insurance of the country you will go for internship.
  • The candidates will get only 30,000 US dollars for the health insurance
  • Have medical fitness certificate
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose/ motivation letter
  • Should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

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Benefits of the UN Internship programs 2021:

The students will get the following benefits:

  • Expertise in the professional environment of UNESCO.
  • The candidates will get health insurance up to 30,000 US dollars against health illness, disability, and death.
  • They can polish their professional skills such as interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills.

Steps to Apply online for the UN Internship programs 2021:

The students have to prepare their resume and motivation letter before filling the application form given online. Visit the official website to apply for the internship:


Fill out all the sections of the internship letter especially with an asterisk mark.

Fill all the sections carefully as there will be only one chance given to apply for this internship.

After application processing for about 6 months, the selected candidate will be directly contacted by the UNESCO managers.

There will be no guarantee of placement unless contacted by the UNESCO officials

Please Check out the official website for further details about these internships:

Visit here: https://en.unesco.org/careers/internships