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Top 5 Graduate scholarships in Switzerland

Top 5 Graduate scholarships in Switzerland are here. Switzerland is known for being 1 of the best advanced nations in the world, owing to the government’s significant investment in the educational system. As a result, it must come as no shock that Switzerland provides several scholarships to learn abroad & start an academic career that will lead to a prosperous life.

If you are an exchange student looking for a scholarship in Switzerland that can provide you with significant financial assistance, you have come to the right place. The reason for this is that we will be presenting the top five Switzerland scholarships.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships:

International students are eligible , which provide monthly payment exemptions for tuition, health insurance, flights, and, most crucially, lodging.

Given that this is an excellence scholarship programme, it should come as no surprise that only the best international students will be considered for one of these awards.

The Swiss government scholarship is a fantastic and well-known scholarship for interested students because it covers all of the costs associated with their studies. Every academic year, the Swiss Confederation awards Government Excellence-based Scholarship programmes to postgraduate students from all over the world who wish to pursue higher education in any subject or field. The goal of these scholarships, which are given to foreign students from all over the world, is to strengthen and promote Switzerland’s ties with the other 180 countries in the world. This scholarship is given on the basis of merit to qualified and outstanding international students.

Award value:

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships include university tuition fees, health insurance, plane travel, and accommodation costs for overseas students coming to Switzerland to pursue higher education.


Students who have earned a graduate degree and desire to continue advanced education or research at a PhD or post-doctoral level at the top educational destination.

EPFL Excellence Fellowships:

The EPFL provides a limited number of Master’s level fellowships to students with exceptional academic records. Applicants for Master’s Programs at the EPFL are welcome from all backgrounds. External candidates are eligible for a funding package per academic year and the reservation of a place in housing. As a result, this scholarship is only open to the very finest overseas students.

 EPFL in Switzerland serves as the host institution. Master’s Programs at the University that are eligible. Only a few awards are given out each year. Everyone in college, including overseas students, is the intended audience.

Scholarship worth, features, and length:

CHF 10,000 each semester and a student room in a student housing are included in the grant. It is possible to get the fellowship for a total of four semesters. The fellowship recipient is responsible for all additional costs, such as tuition and visas.


Anyone enrolling for a Master’s Program at EPFL is eligible for the scholarship, regardless of their financial situation. Due to the high demand for fellowships at EPFL, only a small number of fellowships are awarded each year.

University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowships

Everyone who’s ever contemplated travelling to Switzerland to study there knows that Geneva is the greatest place to do it, in our opinion. As a second announcement, partnered with multiple sponsors and established scholarship for students.

University of Geneva in Switzerland is the host institution(s). Graduate of Science degree in one of the subjects offered by the Sciences faculty. The number of awards is not given. All students, especially overseas students, are the intended audience.

Scholarship amount/duration:

The scholarship amount ranges between CHF 10,000 and CHF 15,000 every year. It is granted for one year and is renewable for the normal term of the selected Master’s course (three or four semesters) if the candidate is academically successful at the conclusion of the first semester.

Criteria For Eligibility:

If you have completed or are pursuing a fantastic undergraduate degree, and if you are among the top in your class, this programme is for you! You must fulfil the requirements for admission standards of the Master and be chosen for an Excellence Fellowship based on your application file.

Lausanne University Master’s Grants:

Switzerland’s serves as the host institution. All UNIL Master’s programmes, save for the following, are available in the following levels/fields of study:

  • The University of Zurich and the University of Lausanne have each awarded MASs in education and criminal law, respectively, while the University of Zurich and the University of Lausanne have each awarded master’s degrees in physical education and sports didactics and health sciences (PhD programmes)
  • For the Master of Law, only two concentrations are eligible for scholarships: “international and comparative law” and “legal theory,” respectively. International students are the intended audience. Scholarships awarded: around ten
  • The length and value of a scholarship an award of a scholarship is made for the statutory minimum amount of time required to complete the student’s selected program(s). Every month from September 15 to July 15, or 10 months a year, CHF 1,600 will be paid, except in the event that a student fails after the 1st year of their Graduate programme, in which case the payment would be reduced to CHF 1,200.
  • Only the CHF 80.00 charge for each semester will be required to be paid by students who receive a scholarship to cover the set registration costs for courses.
  • You should have undergraduate from a university outside of France that is regarded comparable to a Undergraduate degree at UNIL.
  • To have made a name for oneself in your academic career, particularly by very high grades.
  • The European Language Portfolio worldwide scale requires a B2 level of proficiency in French or English, depending on the language of instruction for your selected masters.
  • Not to have previously been a member of the UNIL.

As part of your application, you must have paid the CHF 200.00 administrative charge.

ETH Excellence Scholarships:

Students who want to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH Zurich can apply for one of two scholarship programmes: the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program (ESOP) which covers the entire cost of education and living, and the Master Scholarship Program (MSP) which provides partial stipends and the opportunity to work as an assistant.

Switzerland’s ETH Zurich is the host institution. Master’s degree programmes provided by the University are eligible. How many scholarships are there? The number of scholarships given out each year is determined on the amount of money available. Aiming for a certain demographic: Study Abroad Students from Around the World

Value, inclusions, and length:

It includes a stipend for living and studying costs (CHF 12’000 each semester) as well as a tuition price exemption.

In order to get the scholarship, students must complete the Master’s degree programme (three or four semesters). It’s the same for the remission of tuition fees.

Excellent students from ETH and other institutions (national and foreign) who intend to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH Zurich are eligible for the scholarship programmes.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree with a grade A (top 10% of the Bachelor’s programme). The selection process may involve a phone/VC interview in February, so be sure to provide a working phone number in your CV.