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Top 5 Scholarships In Asia For Students

All of the Asian Scholarships are in high demand right now. Students from any nationality may attend one of Asia’s best universities. According to the United Nations, Asia is a continent with 48 countries. Undergraduate, master’s, doctorate, non-degree, and short-term programs are all eligible for full support via Asian scholarship programs. In nations where the IELTS is not required to study, scholarships are available. Some of the educational systems in Asia are among the best in the world.

All nationalities are welcome to apply for the Asian Scholarships listed below.

Top 5 Graduate Scholarships in Asia:

Asia Pacific University:

Scholarships for full undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral degrees are available each year at Asia Pacific University Japan. There is no IELTS/TOEFL requirement for the Asia Pacific Scholarship. All of your expenditures will be covered by the MEXT APU Scholarship. Candidates seeking this scholarship must first apply to the APU in order to be considered. Afterward, APU will propose potential applicants to the scholarship agency.

APU recommends the best overseas students for this fellowship. Scholarships like this are made available by MEXT, the Japanese government agency in charge of boosting the country’s global competitiveness and encouraging overseas students to study in Japan.

PRC, Myanmar; Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Uzbekistan; Hungary; Indonesia, Bangladesh;  Philippines; Poland; Thailand; Romania; Singapore;  Brunei; Vietnam; Laos; Cambodia; Mongolia; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz Republic; Turkmenistan; India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Australia; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Bulgaria; Turkey; and the Czech Republic; Slovakia; Romania; Bulgaria; Turkey; and Bulgaria.

The School of Local Governance intends to solve regional issues in education, health, and social welfare, as well as local development as a school committed to the promotion of local governance and government. It is open to students from 20 nations: the People’s Republic of China, the Korean People’s Republic (commonly known as the DPRK), Indonesia, and Malaysia, along with Thai and Laotian countries as well as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan.

Admission to a Young Leaders Program requires a bachelor’s degree and its equivalent from an accredited school (YLP). At least 40 years old on October 1, 2021, the applicant must be proficient in English and have an IELTS Academic score of 6.0 or the equivalent, as well as be able to obtain an authorized Japanese student visa prior to arrival in Japan, to qualify for the scholarship.


  • Full admission fee
  • “100% of the tuition” (covered by the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship)
  • 144,000 JPY per month for the  expenses of the living (amount subject to change)
  • The air travel in economy class between the home country and the APU at the beginning and end of the program.

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Chulalongkorn University Scholarship:

Chulalongkorn University provides a Master’s and Post-Doctoral Degree Program in All-Academic Courses. There are no IELTS/TOEFL requirements for the CU scholarship in Thailand 2021. Chulalongkorn University is Thailand’s first-ranked university. One of the country’s oldest universities, as well as a well-known and prestigious university in Thailand.

Chulalongkorn University presently provides over 90 foreign graduate programs in a variety of subjects.

For further information, please check below:

Semester refers to the first semester (August – December), the second semester (December – May), and the summer program (June – August).

Trimester* refers to the first semester (August – November), the second semester (December – March), and the third semester (April – August).

Chulalongkorn University Bursary Eligibility requires a minimum grade point average of 2.75 for undergraduate studies and a minimum of 3.25 for graduate studies; being under 40 years old; being in excellent health, and having a decent command of the English language.

It is not necessary to take an English Language Test. Thailand’s universities do not need IELTS/TOEFL or any other language exam. Scholarships in Thailand are completely supported.

Financial Coverage:

  • Airfare Tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Stipend
  • Tuition Fee
  • Health

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3.    Commonwealth Scholarship UK:

Full-time Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs at Top UK Universities are available via the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC). It is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO).

The Commission offers three Master’s degree programs, one of which is agency-nominated.


The UK Foreign, the Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) awards Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships to outstanding and motivated individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford to study in the UK and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term development.

A British Protected Person or a citizen of an eligible Commonwealth nation may apply for these scholarships.

Commonwealth (CW) Scholarships are for comprehensive study (Masters & Ph.D.) in the UK for students from low- and middle-income Commonwealth nations. Listed below are six topics for these scholarships.

  1. Science and the technology for the development
  2. Strengthening health systems and the capacity
  3. Promoting the global prosperity
  4. Strengthening global peace, the security, and the governance
  5. Strengthening resilience and also response to the crises
  6. Access, the inclusion, and the opportunity

Please visit the following page for further information on all of the scholarships granted by the Commonwealth: eligibility requirements, financial coverage/benefits, length, and more.

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4.    Singapore Government Scholarship:

Scholarships offered by the Singapore government have been made available! Students in Singapore in 2022 may apply for 240 scholarships. Following four years of undergraduate study, you may pursue a Master’s degree, an MD/Ph.D. degree, or a direct Ph.D. in your chosen field. There will be no out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s a combined effort by A*STAR, NTU, NUS, SUTD, and SMU to award the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) (SMU).

A*STAR Research Institutes, NTU, NUS, SUTD, and SMU will all offer Ph.D. programs in English. The scientists in charge of these facilities are some of the bests in the world. One of the aforementioned four institutions will award the student with a Ph.D.

Scholarship Awards:

Full tuition fees are covered by the scholarship, as well as a monthly stipend of S$2,000, which will be enhanced to S$2,500 after qualifying for the Competency Test. One-time Travel Grant of up to S$1,500*. S$1,000* Settling Allowance

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All overseas graduates with a love for research and high academic performance are encouraged to apply. Good written and spoken English skills are required, as are good academic reference recommendations.
  • GRE / IELTS / TOEFL / SAT I & II / GATE results. (Optional)

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Global Korea Scholarship:


To promote worldwide educational exchanges and goodwill between nations by allowing overseas students to study in undergraduate and graduate programs in Korea.

Grantees must complete a year of Korean language instruction at an on-campus language school. (Those with a TOPIK Korean language fluency score of 5 or above are excluded.)

You may apply for undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate programs in South Korea. They’re all financed. There are ways to study in Korea without IELTS. South Korea is a fast-growing destination that competes with the US and China.

This Fully Funded Korean Scholarship is open to all international candidates. The Global Korea Scholarship Program of the Korean Government is one of the world’s best. 1 278 international students will be able to pursue full-time masters and doctoral degrees.


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