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Turkiye Burslari scholarship |Fully Funded |Bachelors, Master’s Ph.D.

A dream country of many of us is again encouraging international students to apply for The Turkiye Burslari Scholarship. It’s time for you to avail of the biggest opportunity from Turkey and study in a country with a lot of historical places and beauty. Turkiye Burslari is one of the prestigious scholarships in the world which invites students from all over the world. A large number of different programs are available for application every program have different requirement s you can check all requirements by selecting your desired program.

These Turkish scholarships are funded scholarships. Applicants can apply in Bachelors’s masters and Ph.D. programs. A large number of different programs are available. You can check all programs from the official website of this scholarship.

More Details:

The best thing about this Turkish scholarship is you can select the university of your interest and can apply in that for your available study program easily. Turkey Burslari scholarship is very famous around the world. This Turkish research scholarship is purely a Turkish government scholarship.It is funded by the government and they will bear the expenses.

Brief Details about About Turkish research funded scholarships 2021

Location Turkey

Available programs: Bachelors, Masters & Doctoral

Scholarship Types

There are 2 awards for Turkey students & International students that are listed below:

Success Scholarship

The following monthly stipend amount will be available for different programs:

  • A total monthly stipend of 1000 TL for students of Bachelors Programs.
  • A monthly stipend of a total of 1400 TL for Students enrolled in the Master’s Program.
  • A total monthly stipend of 1800 TL for students enrolled in Doctoral Programs.
  • The success scholarship program does not cover accommodation and other expenses.

Duration of the Research Scholarship:

Total time period of Success scholarship is one years while incase of research scholarship total duration is between 3 to 10 months.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The application procedure is completely online it will be not be accepted by any other medium.
  • Depending upon the university of your preference will select you in one of the programs that you selected.


The last date to apply for the Government Research Turkish scholarship is 20Th February.

How to Apply for the Turkiye Scholarships:

Application is very easy it is completely online.You have to put all your information and then upload all require documents for apply.

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