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Bahrain Government Scholarships 2023

Students from all around the world are welcome to apply for Bahrain Government Scholarships 2023. These scholarships are available to both male and female applicants in Bahrain. Students from all across the world may now apply for Bahrain Government Scholarships 2023. Bahrain Scholarships are wholly funded by the Bahraini government. The scholarships are funded by Bahrain’s Ministry of Education. Every year, the Bahraini government offers scholarship programmes to overseas students wishing to continue higher education. Bahraini institutions provide a wide range of degree programmes to students. Scholarships are currently available for the academic year 2023 for students from all around the world. Students who want to study in Bahrain may apply right now for these funded scholarships.

Bahrain boasts the Arabian Peninsula’s oldest public education system. The system began in 1930, when the Bahrain government took over the management of two pre-existing basic public schools for males. In the twentieth century, separate ladies’ schools and several institutions were formed. Bahrain has a literacy rate of 94.6 percent, according to census statistics.

More Information About Bahrain Government Scholarships:

  • Host Country: Bahrain
  • University: Bahrain Universities
  • Award: Fully Funded
  • Institutes: Multiple
  • Award: Fully Funded
  • Coverage by: Ministry of Education Bahrain
  • Host Organization: Ministry of Education Bahrain

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In order to meet future difficulties, Bahrain’s higher education system must play a critical role in economic development, investment, and innovation. As a result, Bahrain places a strong priority on encouraging students to enroll in higher education by providing a large number of scholarships to assure future job advancement. Male and female students can apply for the Bahrain Government Scholarships 2023.

All programme costs will be covered by the Bahraini government. In Bahrain, several scholarships are accessible; the application process for these scholarship programmes is online and simple; we strongly advise candidates to read the qualifying requirements before applying for the programme. The Bahrain Ministry of Education funds these scholarships, which are offered to graduating high school students.

Info About Scholarship:

MOE awards scholarships to graduating high school students from both public and private schools who meet specific requirements and follow certain procedures. For students who choose to study in Bahrain, the Ministry of Education will cover the costs by paying the student directly the tuition and textbook fees for each semester, as well as a monthly allowance.

Each year, scholarships are awarded to graduates who wish to continue their university studies in the specialization of their choice. The Ministry also pays tuition expenses, boarding fees, and monthly allowances for students receiving scholarships overseas, depending on the type of award, which varies by nation.

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List Of Scholarships Offered By The Bahrain Government:

The following is a list of Bahrain Government Scholarships and the fields in which they are offered.

Crown Prince International Scholarships:

This is a fully funded international scholarship programme in Bahrain; excellent individuals are short-listed for world-class international educational institutions through this programme. The Crown Prince of the United Kingdom is the only patron of the Crown Prince International Scholarships. The scholarships can be used to further your study. The Crown Prince International Scholarships are open to all international students. Scholarships will help students enhance their professional skills and offer the tools they need to become successful future leaders who will contribute to Bahrain’s national and international prosperity.

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Application Criteria:

  • For Grade 10 / Year 11 / and Grade 11 / Year 12 /, students must have a cgpa of 97 percent or above (first semester).
  • Students must be Bahraini citizens in order to apply.
  • Students must be in Grade 11 / Year 12 / Year 13 / Year 14 / Year 15 / Year 16 / Year 17 / Year 18 (or equivalent).

Application Process:

  • Students who match the aforementioned requirements must apply online during the Program’s annual Application Submission Period in March, while they are in Grade 11 / Year 12 / (or equivalent).
  • Students who match the program’s eligibility requirements, including those studying outside of Bahrain, will be contacted, and invited to complete a series of qualifying examinations to examine their English language skills and critical thinking ability. 
  • Bahraini students in grade 11 who are taking a gap year permitted by the Bahrain Ministry of Education are not eligible for the award. You will apply throughout the time frame of your grade 11 school year if you are studying overseas as an MOE student.

Scholarship applications for 2023 will be accepted online from March 1 until March 17, 2022.

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Cultural Office at Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Washington DC:

This is a fully funded scholarship programme in Bahrain that includes health insurance, tuition, housing, a stipend, and other benefits. The scholarship is fully funded by the cultural office. It reports to the Directorate of Scholarships and Cultural Divisions of the Ministry of Education, as well as other Bahraini government institutions that support Bahraini students in the United States.

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Al Mabarrah Al-Khalifa Foundation Scholarships:

The Al Mabarrah Alkhalifa Foundation has been formed and sanctioned by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development with the purpose of having a social impact on the education environment. As a comprehensive approach to education and personal development, the MKF Scholarship Program “Rayaat” was started in 2011.

The Al Mabarah Foundation gives international students scholarships to pursue higher education in Bahrain; the greatest part about this scholarship programme is that it grants scholarships at authorized universities in the United Kingdom.

Students at accredited colleges in the Kingdom can apply for scholarships through this scheme. Many programmes include cash incentives, enrichment classes, employment experiences, plus community service opportunities within a supportive student environment. There are scholarships available for a variety of programmes and majors.

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