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University Of Michigan USA Scholarships Fully Funded

Want to study in America? Finally, the University Of Michigan USA Scholarships Fully Funded are open now. While applying for Global Scholarships America is the country that is almost on number one on the priority list of international students.

You are getting a chance to study in America one of the best countries for a large number of opportunities for International students giving you a better life style with a good health insurance facilities and many other benefits of better standard life during your study tenure in America.

University of Michigan America funded Scholarships 2020 is offering scholarships in both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. There are large number of scholarships for international students in more than 100 different study programs. Click Here And Check Now Scholarships

University of Michigan American Scholarships Brief Details:

Location : United States of America
University Name:  University of Michigan America
Different Course Level available: Bachelors course, Masters Courses and also Ph.D. Courses.
Last Date For Apply: Different

Undergraduate Scholarships:

For international students applying for Undergraduate scholarships at the university of Michigan America the total amount for four years is 40000 dollars. It will be annually divided into 10000 dollars for the period of four years of the undergraduate program.

Graduate Scholarships:

There are a large number of graduate programs and scholarships available in Michigan University. As the course varies the scholarship values and requirements changes also. You can visit site for better understanding of different programs and their offered scholarships.

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Basic Eligibility Criteria:

  • You need to be an international students having a Valid Visa for America
  • Your GPA should be 3.0 out of total 4 for applying
  • You need to be an international students having a Valid Visa for America
  • Your GPA should be 3.5 out of total 4 for applying.

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Documents Necessary For Apply:

  • Your online application on the university portal.
  • Letters of recommendation from your university professors.
  • Official transcripts of your degree.
  • Curriculum Vitae and CV.
  • Statement of purpose (How to write a statement of purpose?)
  • Certificates proving English Language Proficiency


If you are an international student then the deadline for applying are different in different programs.

You can visit the official websites of university about other different deadlines.

Want To Apply?

Just like most of the other international scholarships the university of Michigan scholarships are online.You need to visit the official website for applying in the undergraduate programs.

  • First of all you need to visit the official website of university.
  • Check all requirements for applying online.
  • Upload all the required documents for scholarship application.

For applying on the undergraduate scholarship programs of university of Michigan America scholarships please visit the official website link given below:

For applying on the postgraduate scholarship programs of University of Michigan scholarships please visit official website link given below:

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