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Ireland Government Funded Scholarships BS|MS|Ph.D

Ireland Government Funded Scholarships are open now for the year 2021 for international students from Non-Eu nations. This time international students can apply for Undergraduate scholarships, Master’s Scholarships and Ph.D. scholarships.

Main details About This Scholarship:

Students will study in? Ireland
Students Can Apply For? Undergraduate, Master’s, MPhil, and Doctorate
What is the last date for submission of the application? March 26th, 2021

What are the main Benefits Under This Scholarship?

After selection under this scholarship program you will be able to get the benefits given below:

  • A €10,000 stipend for one year’s study.
  • A full fee waiver of all tuition and other registration costs at the higher education institution.

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This Scholarship is Available For?

  • The final year of an Undergraduate Programme.
  • One year of a taught Master’s Degree Programme.
  • One year of a Research Programme (i.e. one year of a 2-year Research Masters).
  • 3-4-year PhD. Programme.

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Fields Available for application:

Under Ireland Government-Funded Scholarships following fields given below are available for application:

  • Arts
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Technology

What should be in the profile of the Candidate?

Applicants who are planning to apply for Ireland Government scholarships should fulfill the below-given eligibility criteria:

  • You should be not a citizen of EU nations.
  • Students except the EU are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Possess excellence (academically, personally, professionally, creatively).
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Extra curriculum activities (for example humanitarian work; politics local, national, international; arts; sports).
  • Possess strong rationale for pursuing their study in Ireland that indicates
  • How a GOI-IES fits into their longer-term goals.

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What is the Evaluation Criteria for this scholarship?

The applications must cover the following, as requested in the online
application tool:

  • There is a total of 40 marks for the academic qualifications and work experience of the candidate.
  • In your personal statement you should mention the things given below:
  • There are 15 marks for telling what will be the main benefits of becoming GOI-IES scholars to the home country of the applicant as well as to Ireland.
  • How they will extend themselves beyond their project/studies to become actively involved in Irish society in order to maximize their academic/cultural exchange experience and to raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme in Ireland and beyond (15 marks).
  • There are also 15 marks for discussing how the student will make his links in Ireland during his studies and after the completion of his studies.
  • There are 15 marks for uploading two letters of reference keep one thing in mind only the reference letters can be uploaded through your online application portal. ( Learn how to write reference Letters? )

What is the last date for the submission of the online application From?

The last date for the submission of the online application form for the Ireland Government-funded scholarships for international students is March 26th, 2021 (5:00 PM Irish Time).

How I can apply for This Scholarship?

The application process for the Ireland Government Funded scholarships for one year is online just like other scholarships. For more details and starting your online application, You can click here and visit the official website or the Ireland land Government official scholarship website.

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