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Scholarship in USA at University of Miami Stamps 2024

Scholarship in USA at University of Miami Stamps 2024 is open now. The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship in the USA offers a fully-funded opportunity for academically outstanding students. This undergraduate scholarship provides a chance to study in the USA without financial constraints, solely based on merit. It’s highly regarded and eagerly anticipated by students worldwide. The University of Miami is renowned for its commitment to student welfare and growth, exemplified by facilities like the Patti & Allan Herbert Wellness Center, demonstrating the institution’s dedication to students’ mental and physical well-being.

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This fully-funded bachelor’s degree scholarship ensures that students can focus on their education with peace of mind. Collaborating with Stamps, the university ensures these funds are utilized to provide equal learning opportunities to capable students, fostering promising future leaders. The Stamps Scholarship facilitates cultural immersion, fostering connections among students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Scholars benefit from an established network of alumni and peers, aiding their career and personal growth. Through various activities, including cultural exchanges and research projects, Stamps scholars develop leadership skills, supported by exemplary student services provided by the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations.

Scholarship in USA at University of Miami Stamps 2024

Program: Scholarship

Coverage: Fully Funded

Nationality: National and International

Institute: University of Miami Stamps

Host Region: USA

Degree Level: Undergraduate Programs

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship in USA at University of Miami Stamps 2024

  • All Music applicants must complete an audition as part of the evaluation process.
  • Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Both national and international students are eligible to apply.
  • Non-native English speakers must provide English proficiency test scores, such as TOEFL or IELTS, when applying for the undergraduate program.
  • Architecture applicants must either submit test scores or a portfolio as part of their application.

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Benefits of Scholarship in USA at University of Miami Stamps 2024

  • A laptop allowance will be provided.
  • Full tuition fees will be covered.
  • On-campus housing will be provided.
  • Food facilities will be available.
  • Health insurance for scholars will be covered.
  • Students will receive an enrichment fund of $12,000, which can be used for studying abroad, undergraduate research, unpaid internships, or other educational pursuits.
  • Book allowance will be provided.

How to Apply for Scholarship in USA at University of Miami Stamps 2024

  • Apply online through the application portal.
  • For ACT and/or SAT scores, request official scores to be sent directly to the University from the testing agency or self-report scores on the Common Application.
  • High school transcripts for US attendees must be submitted directly through their high schools via the provided email address or mailed to specified addresses if electronic submission is not possible.
  • Use the following codes to upload test scores: TOEFL Code: C730, IELTS Code: 4861, ACT Code: 0760, SAT Code: 5815.
  • Ensure the School Report is completed by the high school guidance counselor.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation on the Common Application from a school teacher or counselor.
  • Submit an International Financial Certification Form.


  • Last date to apply for Scholarship in USA at University of Miami Stamps is 1st November, 2024.

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Email Address to Send Documents

[email protected].

Mailing Address

University of Miami Office of Undergraduate Admission P.O. Box 249117 Coral Gables, FL 33124-9117

If sending via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or courier

University of Miami Office of Undergraduate Admission 1320 S. Dixie Highway Gables        One Tower, Suite 945 Coral Gables, FL 33146