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Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship Programme Germany 2022

Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship Programme Germany 2022 is open now. The Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship Program 2022 application period is now open. The largest scholarship programme in Germany is known as the Deutschlandstipendium. To qualify for this award, students must have an excellent academic record and also have exceptional soft skills and qualities. Germany’s universities bestow the Deutschlandstipendium, a prestigious prize. The two semesters of funding are granted. The award is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Deutschlandstipendium, is Germany’s biggest public-private cooperation scholarship programme. Mentoring programmes, networking events, and internships are also offered by many institutions and commercial sponsors in conjunction with the Deutschlandstipendium initiative.

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The Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship) is a national scholarship programme offered by the University of Freiburg to deserving students who are anticipated to excel academically and professionally. Half of the money for students comes from individual donors, while the other half comes from the federal government. In addition to academic accomplishment, additional factors such as community service, prior occupational training, and success in overcoming adverse life circumstances are taken into consideration in the selection process. The Deutschlandstipendium is given out by German universities. Stipends are also provided for the two semesters. Students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at an accredited university are eligible for the award. Apply for the German 2022 Absolutely Funded World Discussion Board. Applicants attending Germany’s most prestigious universities may be eligible for this scholarship.

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The Deutschlandstipendium is given to deserving university students regardless of their parents’ financial situation. Many people in the family have accomplished great things at an early age. As a result, the Deutschland Stipendium aids these ardent young college students in their journey to Germany and their pursuit of a free education there.

The Deutschlandstipendium is supported by several organisations and corporations from across the world. Students with a background in tutorials are qualified. German universities may offer courses in English. Germany’s national scholarship programme, the Deutschlandstipendium, provides financial aid to 29,000 students each year.

Along with financial assistance, scholarship recipients have access to a network of businesses and organisations that may be useful in their future careers.

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More Information About Scholarship:

  • Location: Germany
  • Host Institutions: German Higher Education Institutions
  • Organization: Deutschlandstipendium
  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • Financial Support: Fully Funded
  • Batch Session: 2022
  • Course: Bachelors/Masters
  • Stipend: €300 per month
  • Gender: Males/Females
  • Deadline: Applications are already being accepted

No. of Scholarships

Deutschlandstipendium As of 2021, the German government will fund 29,000 students via its national scholarship programme.

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What Are The Benefits Under This Scholarship?

  • More than one year of funding will be available.
  • Students who get a scholarship have to reapply for it every two semesters to see whether they are still eligible for the grant and if any further private support is forthcoming.
  • There are two sources of funding for each student: private sponsors and the federal government.
  • The Deutschlandstipendium is given to students regardless of their family’s financial situation.

What Fields Are Open For Scholarship?

All fields.

What Are The Requirements For Applying For this Scholarship?

German Students

All students presently enrolled at the University of Freiburg are eligible to apply. Students who are presently enrolled at another school but want to enrol at the University of Freiburg for the next summer semester are also eligible to apply.

The Deutschlandstipendium is open to beginning students who have not yet received an admission letter from the Foundation for University Admissions (previously the ZVS) (Abiturzeugnis).

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International Students

  • The University of Freiburg’s Deutschlandstipendium is open to international students as well. Be careful to send any and all of your supporting documentation in either English or German when submitting your application. Please provide a non-certified English or German translation of any papers written in another language. The translation doesn’t matter who does it.
  • Students from Germany and abroad who are enrolled in a degree-seeking undergraduate or master’s programme at the University of Freiburg or who have applied for admission but have not yet been matriculated but will be matriculated for the following summer semester are both eligible for financial assistance from the scholarship programme.
  • Students in their first and final semesters of college are eligible.
  • The Deutschlandstipendium is given out by the institute.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Candidate qualifications should be in line with the requirements of the specific organizations.
  • In addition to academic excellence, the criteria for awarding scholarships include social commitment and personal accomplishments, such as a student’s ability to overcome difficulties in his or her social or family background.
  • Scholarship recipients may make valuable connections in the business world and get insight into the working world via mentoring programmes, networking events, and internships.

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Why is Germany providing Deutschland Stipendium to students?

The answer to this question may be broken down into three main components.

  • Germany is in dire need of highly qualified workers.
  • The German government and business sponsors are helping to train the future managers of Germany. Germany’s wealth, economic growth, and inventive power may be attributed to the country’s well-trained professionals.
  • Germany is at the top of the global competition because of its knowledge, talent, and innovative ideas. To keep up with the ever-increasing global competitiveness, more and more knowledgeable employees are required on a daily basis.
  • Young graduates – best resource
  • Many individuals have made significant contributions to society and their families while still in their teens or early twenties. As a result, the Deutschland Stipendium encourages these eager young people to arrive in Germany and take advantage of the country’s Free Education Program.
  • People will come to rely on these individuals for their industry knowledge and experience. As a result, students need encouragement and assistance in the form of financial aid and other educational resources.

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  • Insights from a brand-new field of study
  • The federal government is extending its financing programme by creating a new scholarship culture in Germany because of the success of the Deutschland Stipendium.
  • When it came to helping deserving students, the federal government partnered with private sponsors (organisations, foundations, businesses, private persons, and groups).
  • Cultivating Germany’s future workforce is a priority for Germany’s civil society, which has taken up this role.
  • Students with an immigrant background will get 28 percent more funding than the national average (the usual percentage for students is 20 percent )
  • Students will also benefit from these additional features.
  • Since the Deutschland Stipendium was launched, several universities, institutes, and business sponsors have come up with non-financial assistance in conjunction with it.
  • They provide internships, event networking, and mentorship programmes to enable Stipendium recipients obtain vital business connections and insight into their professional lives.
  • Selection and Application Procedures

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Application Timeline

You may apply here for the scholarship grant for the academic year 2022/2023, which runs from 01/03/2022-31/03/2022. The application site will open on March 1, 2022.

Application procedure:

The application call will be released in due course.

You must provide the following supporting materials as PDF files in English or German with your online application:

  • For candidates to undergraduate degree programmes, a university admission qualification (such as an Abitur diploma) is required (Bachelor, Staatsexamen, Magister).
  • The certificate of the first university degree for Master’s students. It is not essential to submit the university entry qualification in this scenario (Abiturzeugnis).
  • The transcript of the most recent university degree for candidates pursuing a second degree (Bachelor, Master, Staatsexamen). It is not essential to submit the university admission qualification Abitur certificate in this circumstance.
  • All applicants’ curriculum vitae
  • A current transcript of records for enrolled students is proof of academic performance.
  • Proof of the average grade/final grade of the most recent examination (university entrance qualification, physicum/intermediate examination, final grade of the most recently gained degree) in degree programmes where an average grade cannot be established at any moment throughout the degree course.
  • Applicants to the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy: for students who are already enrolled, evidence that they are in the top 10% of their class through a certificate from the Examinations Office.
  • If you do not have a current or more recent transcript than the one you included with your initial application, you must include written confirmation from your study programme coordinator that you have maintained a comparable level of achievement since applying for the scholarship last year, along with the concrete average grade.
  • Important! All supporting documentation must be sent in English or German. Any document issued in a language other than English must be given as both an original copy and an officially certified translation.