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Pangolin Photo Competition 2021

The young visual eye-catchers having an interest in wildlife photography can challenge themselves through participation in the 1st Annual Pangolin photo challenge. The competition will be an annual type in which participants have to accept different challenges throughout the year. The challenges will polish the wildlife photography skills of enthusiasts. The official Pangolin Photo Safaris will raise the funds for conservation initiation from the competition. The wildlife photographers usually join the safari to photograph beautiful and unique visual aspects of nature. The competition will be wholesome a fun than a tough competition between photographers. Check Now Tsinghua University CSC Fully Funded Scholarship China 2022

The crux of the Pangolin Photo Competition 2021 details:

Host: Pangolin Photo Safaris

Theme: Wildlife photography in each challenge with different themes

Deadline for the competition: 12 December 2021

Territory: Worldwide

Prizes: Cash Prize

Eligibility: Open to all

Entry Fee: Donations are Welcome by contestants

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All about the Pangolin Photo Competition 2021:

The Pangolin photo challenge will not only boost up your wildlife photography skills but also will be great fun and great conservation initiation. The total photo safari prize funds for the pangolin photo competition 2021 will be approximately 40000 US dollars. It is not a single prize competition but each challenge comes with different prizes. The mini prizes will give motivation to the young professionals to work harder earning the annual photo safari prize fund.

The photos taken by the contestants will be judged by both international wildlife photographers and the public vote system on the official website. The participants have to win all the photo challenges throughout the year. Once you complete all the challenges, win through the voting system, each photo will be submitted to the international wildlife photographers. The judges will select the winners and award them with a safari fund. Check Now On Government of Russia Scholarship 2022 | Fully Funded

Judgement Criteria:

The public vote system, Pangolin photo hosts and one of the top 30 international wildlife photographers will select the winner after one year.

The entry fee for the Annual Pangolin Photo Challenge 2021

There is no entry fee required or mentioned on the official website but the contestants have to donate an amount of their choice to the non-profit organization named Pangolin Africa to protect and save the Pangolin species in Africa.

Who will be Eligible for the Pangolin Photo Challenge 2021?

Talented photographers from any country across the world can participate but the employees of Pangolin photo safaris, their relatives, and related staff of the organizing competition will not be allowed.

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The Challenges Particulars:

The contestants have to get creative after applying online for the competition. The participants can capture the relevant subjects given in the challenges in their home areas. The judging will be solely based on the skills and photo composition of the photographers. The subject matter in the particular area is not part of the criteria due to traveling limitations this year.

Each challenge has a particular theme and all details & criteria will be given on the entry page of the official website. Make the account by giving an online donation and entering the images. The participants can enter only one image at a time in a given challenge and it must be taken in 2021.

The challenges will close at different times of the year. The judgment process will take 2 weeks to finalize the image selection. Total 4 challenges will be given and 4 images from each contestant will be selected. The photographer having four images in the portfolio will be selected for the final submission to judges on 31st December 2021. The contestants can ask for a vote from their family and friends through registration. One contestant can take 4 votes for the 4 images given in the 4 challenges.

Please check out the official website to understand the competition rules and regulations. Don’t miss the opportunity.

How To Apply?

You can apply Now On the Competition by clicking on the link below: