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Teach English in Spain and Earn Money By Erasmus

Teach English in Spain and Earn Money By Erasmus is here. Students who are good at English can apply to this paid language assistance program. A teaching opportunity by Erasmus named: ” Teach English in Spain” has opened its application process. What is Erasmus? Erasmus in School is basically the school portal that offers many internships and summer camps throughout the world. The language assistant is required who must be proficient in four sub-skills: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The assistant must be a native who can support the main teacher of English in teaching the subject. It is the perfect advantage in teaching the Bilingual projects for language captivation through this school portal.

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The crux of the Erasmus – Teach English in Spain 2022:

Type: Jobs And internships

Field: All specialties

Country: Spain   

Location: Spain

Deadline: Vary

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About this English Teaching Program:

The Spanish students having a strong grip on the English language can polish their skills through this program. Native as well as non-native students can apply under this online earning internship and summer camp.

This program will help university students to gain fruitful abroad linguistic experience.

How to apply for this Erasmus English Teaching Opportunity?

Go to the official website and visit the registration portal.

Register yourself as a language assistant on the portal. Upload the CV and explore the worldwide opportunities to be hired as an English language teaching assistant.

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Eligibility Criteria to apply for Erasmus English Teaching Program in Spain 2022:

Candidates from any country can apply for this paid internship.

The requirements are mentioned in the following points:

  • If you are an Erasmus student, this is not the requirement.
  • Have C1 English level.
  • Candidate from outside of Europe and non-English native speakers.
  • Only Graduate students of any degree can apply.
  • Ability to learn and explore the Spain country

Benefits of Erasmus – Teach English in Spain 2022:

If the candidate got selected online after the interview and initial selection, he/ she will get the following benefits:

  • Free of cost Spanish classes
  • A stipend (will be different based on the school candidate is allowed)
  • A teaching certificate
  • Some schools in Spain might also offer free food and accommodation to the language assistants.

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Stipend from this Linguistic Teaching Internship:

The stipend is varied according to the type of schools in Spain. However, the stipend has a range of 400-1200 Euros per month.

Responsibilities of Erasmus English Teaching Program:

The language assistant has to perform the following tasks:

  1. The candidate must show a passion to explore the Spain, and build a strong community by sharing their own culture.
  2. They have expertise in teaching the English in small groups.
  3. The candidate extra-curricular activities are preferred because children in schools like passionate and energetic personalities. So, candidate with different fields such as arts, culture, sports, and education.
  4. Capable enough to conduct interesting and interactive activities in the class. For example, English, drama, dance, cultural talks, sports and tours.

Please Check out the official website for further details about the Teaching Opportunity by Erasmus – Teach English in Spain 2022:

Apply on the link given below: