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Work Visa Permit in Belgium 2023

Work Visa Permit in Belgium 2023 is open now. Belgium, a respected European country and EU member, issued 143,657 work permits in 2022, according to Euro Stats. If you plan to work in Belgium, your employer there will secure an Authorization to work, known as a work permit. Citizens of the EU, EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) can work in Belgium without needing a Work Permit or Visa. However, non-European nationals must apply for a work permit first and then obtain a Long Stay Visa to enter Belgium. Belgium also offers seasonal and job seeker permits.

There are two main types of Belgian Work Permits:

Type B Work Permit: Needed if you are employed by a Belgian employer.

Type A Work Permit: Granted after holding a Type B permit for four years within ten years. Type A permits have unlimited validity.

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Most non-European citizens working in Belgium require a Type B Work Permit. There are specific permits for various types of work, such as Orientation Year for job seekers, Professional Card for self-employed individuals, authorization for researchers, and permits for seasonal workers. These permits may also include residence authorization.

For longer-term stays in Belgium, you need a Long Stay Visa. There are Short Stay Visas (up to 90 days) and Long Stay Visas (for study, work, and training lasting longer than 90 days). Once you have a valid work permit and a Belgium D Visa, you can travel to Belgium. Upon arrival, you’ll apply for a Residence permit to stay in Belgium. The cost of a Belgium work visa is €180, typically covered by your employer. Visa processing times vary by the country of application, but it usually takes 8 to 10 weeks. Long Stay Visas are initially issued for one year and can be renewed if you have a valid reason to stay in Belgium.

Work Visa Permit in Belgium 2023

Program: Work Visa

Visa Type: Long Stay D Visa

Permit Type: Work Permit

Host Country: Belgium

Nationality: Non- European

Visa Cost: €180

Processing Time: 8 to 10 weeks

Validity: One Year

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Eligibility Criteria of Work Visa Permit in Belgium 2023

  • Secure a valid job offer.
  • Search and look for companies in Belgium that offer jobs to foreigners through following provided links.
  • Obtain an approved work permit.
  • Apply for a Belgium D Visa.
  • Travel to Belgium.
  • Apply for the residence permit, allowing you to stay and work in the country.

How to Apply for Work Visa Permit in Belgium 2023

  • Find a job and obtain a valid job offer from a Belgian employer.
  • Your employer will secure an Authorization to Work on your behalf.
  • Apply for a Work Visa, known as a Belgium D Visa, at the Belgian Embassy.
  • You can find the necessary application forms and details on the application process at the Belgium Embassy in your country.
  • You can obtain more details on all work permits, forms, and application processes for third-country nationals through Belgium Immigration Office.
  • Link of Belgium Immigration Office is given below.


  • Applications are open to apply for Work Visa Permit in Belgium.