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PhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven 2024

PhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven 2024 is open now. The laboratory of Prof. Devang Mehta at KU Leuven, Belgium, focuses on experimental plant systems biology within the Division of Crop Biotechnics in the Department of Biosystems. Currently, there is an available full-time PhD position in Bioscience Engineering, aimed at investigating the temporal and functional partitioning of Arabidopsis clock protein complexes using interactomics. KU Leuven provides a competitive and internationally oriented work environment, offering access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise. As the highest internationally ranked university in Belgium and one of the top European institutions for research and education, KU Leuven fosters innovation and boasts a robust tech transfer office. The university is situated in Leuven, a vibrant university town just 30 minutes from Brussels, known for its diverse and international student community.

The Division of Crop Biotechnics, where the research is based, conducts pioneering studies on both crop and model plant species, covering various levels from cellular and tissue to plant, environment, and agro-systems. Comprising several research groups with expertise in molecular biology, plant pathology, tropical crops, genomics, plant hormones, plant nutrition, and soil, the Division strives to integrate knowledge for comprehensive insights. The Laboratory for Experimental Plant Systems Biology, being the newest addition to the Division, specializes in applying genomics and proteomics technologies to address diverse challenges in plant systems.

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KU Leuven emphasizes inclusivity, respect, and a socially safe environment. The university values diversity and considers it an asset, promoting open dialogue and recognizing the significance of different perspectives. Committed to equal opportunity, KU Leuven actively opposes discrimination based on various factors, including gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, religion, philosophy, neurodivergence, employment disability, health, or socioeconomic status.

PhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven 2024

Program: PhD Position

Coverage: Fully Funded

Nationality: International

Host Region: Belgium

Institute: KU Leuven

Field: Crop Biotechnology

Project: Dissecting the Temporal and Functional Dynamics of the Plant Clock Interactome

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Benefits of PhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven 2024

  • Full-time 4-year PhD position
  • Remuneration according to KU Leuven salary scales
  • Generous benefits and strong social supports in Belgium
  • Advanced training in plant biology, genetic engineering, and experimental systems biology
  • Preparation for a career in industrial or academic research
  • Close mentorship by Prof. Mehta
  • Inclusion in a close-knit, international, and diverse community of plant scientists
  • Support to participate in European and international conferences
  • Opportunities to publish research in respected scientific journals
  • Career guidance and skill development for science-adjacent careers in policy or communication
  • Access to courses through the Arenberg Doctoral School

Project Description for PhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven 2024

In the intricate realm of plant biology, the internal circadian clocks play a pivotal role, enabling organisms to synchronize their physiology with cyclic environmental changes. This project delves into the complex genetic network constituting the plant circadian clock, where various proteins intricately regulate each other by binding to promoter regions of specific clock genes. Despite previous genetic studies unraveling regulatory links, there remains a gap in understanding how these clock transcription factors (TFs) precisely influence the expression of their target genes. The proposed research employs plant synthetic biology tools to pioneer new methods, allowing for the precise identification of protein-protein interactions governing the actions of clock TFs.

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The candidate will leverage these innovative methods to explore how these interactions vary based on the location and genomic context of the clock TFs. This investigation aims to deepen our comprehension of the plant clock, potentially unveiling novel roles for numerous clock TFs under diverse environmental conditions, including those anticipated in future climates. Ultimately, deciphering the mechanisms by which clock TFs operate in different environments holds the promise of identifying new targets for enhancing crop performance and resilience.

Eligibility Criteria for PhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven 2024

  • Ability to integrate into an international and diverse working environment
  • Proficient English writing and communication skills
  • Molecular biology and/or biochemistry lab experience (any model system)
  • Intermediate programming or data-analysis skills, or a willingness to develop such skills
  • Eagerness to learn new techniques
  • Creative mindset with a strong interest in both fundamental and applied scientific research
  • Ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Strong academic performance at both MSc and BSc levels

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How to Apply forPhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven 2024

  • Interested applicants must apply online through following given link.
  • Upload only required documents.
  • Fill out information carefully.
  • Apply before deadline.
  • For further details contact Prof. Dr. Devang Mehta by following given email address.


  • Last date to apply for PhD Position in Biology in Belgium at KU Leuven is 15th January, 2024.