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Skilled Work Visa UK 2023 | How to apply for UK work Visa

Skilled Work Visa UK 2023 is open now. Are you searching ways to buy work visa for UK? All you need is legit employer or sponsor. So in this article, we will explain how you can fly to UK and get your job offer plus work visa. This will contain of all information related to procedure, cost and timeliness of UK skilled work visa.

Skilled work visa will help you stay for 5 years in UK until you got permanent residence. This visa has replaced the Tier 2 (General) work visa.

UK government has made some changes and has increased salary of people with skills work visa. After 5 years of work, individual will be able to apply for permanent residency in UK.

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Brief description

• Job Country: UK

• Visa Type: Skilled Work Visa

• Stay Duration: 5 Years, renewable

What will be visa cost of UK?

Cost of visa is different according to residency time in uK.

• Individual has to charge £719, if he is looking to stay for 3 years.

• Person has to charge £1,423, if he is looking to stay for more than 3 years.

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List of fields available

Setting field or job from mention occupation list by UK government will costs a lower application fee.

• staying for up to 3 years will charge £479

• £943 if you’re staying for more than 3 years.

Select field of your interest from list of eligible occupation with 4 digit code. If you already have job offer then ask your employer for 4 digit code.

Legit UK Employers list

Choosing an approved or legit sponsor for your work visa is competitive in this era.  Employers or sponsors are those who help you getting work visa. Select approved sponsor from below link

How to increase chances to get skilled work Visa?

• Check out job list from occupation list available below.


 • Select the job that matches your skill and expertise.

• Check if that occupation is eligible to skilled work visa

• Now Find out approved sponsor providing job in that area.


• £26,200 per year

• £10.75 per hour

Each field has its own benefits. You have to check it out.

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Eligibility criteria

• Person must have job offer prior to applying for skilled work visa.

• Must have certificate of sponsorship.

• Offering job must be from one of eligible occupation list.

How to apply

  • You can apply from below link.
  • It takes 2 weeks for your work visa decision.