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SUPARCO apprenticeship 2023

SUPARCO apprenticeship 2023 is open now. Professional development opportunities at SUPARCO are now available in Pakistan for qualified applicants. Those who think they could learn something from an apprenticeship position should apply. The most recent statement from Suparco describes the company’s Apprenticeship Program.

Candidates who match the requirements are strongly encouraged to apply for the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission Apprenticeship Program 2022. The SUPARCO Apprenticeship lasts for a total of 3 years. Candidates will get valuable experience working alongside industry professionals during their term. Candidates who complete the apprenticeship programme will get a Diploma of Apprenticeship and Education (DAE) in mechanical and electrical fields. It’s also a great chance to learn from seasoned pros in the field. Scholarship recipients in Pakistan will benefit from an educational opportunity that will pave the way for future success. This educational programme in Pakistan is a three-year commitment. Successful graduates will get a Doctor of Advanced Engineering degree (DAE) in mechanical and electrical fields. Moreover, SPARCO is likely to hire from a large pool of applicants (not necessarily). Apprentices who excel in both mechanical and electrical fields get a Diploma of Applied Experience (DAE).

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Many participants who complete the apprenticeship programme will be granted permanent positions with SUPARCO, which is one of the program’s greatest benefits. The application deadline for this Apprenticeship is the 29th of August 2022, and it can be found here.

Girls and boys both are encouraged to apply and join in this apprenticeship programme, making it a fantastic opportunity for anybody interested. The most notable aspects of this apprenticeship include state-of-the-art laboratories, audio-visual equipment, high-profile instructors with a wealth of knowledge, a convenient pick-up and drop-off system, a calm and relaxed atmosphere conducive to study, excellent teaching, and limited medical coverage in addition to the fulfilment of all SBTE and Suparco requirements.

Please review the following details and submit an application if you are interested in applying to the SUPARCO Apprenticeship programme. 

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More Information About SUPARCO apprenticeship:

  • Country: Pakistan
  • Organization: SUPARCO
  • Education Required: Matric (Science)
  • Location: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad
  • Application Deadline: 29th August 2022

Info About institute:

In 1961, Pakistan formed the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission as the country’s official space agency. It studies the cosmos, develops new space technologies, and promotes space-based industries to better the nation’s economy. SUPARCO has begun offering apprenticeships with the hopes of attracting and developing the country’s brightest young minds.

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What Are The Benefits Under This SUPARCO apprenticeship?

Here are some of the advantages of participating in this SUPARCO apprenticeship programme:

  • The successful applicants will have the opportunity to be mentored by a team of experts.
  • A convenient pick-up and delivery service is provided.
  • The applicant will get access to labs and workshops as well.
  • The availability of a healthcare center.

Program Standards and Restrictions:

  • In order to conduct the necessary interviews and examinations, we will contact those who have been selected for further consideration.
  • The cities of Lahore and Islamabad and Karachi have been selected for the trial.
  • The hostel accommodations for the trainees will be provided by the host organisation.

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What Fields Are Open For SUPARCO apprenticeship?

  • Mechanical
  • Electronics

What Are The Requirements For Applying For this SUPARCO apprenticeship?

  • To qualify, candidates must have completed the SCC with a minimum score of 70%.
  • Applicants must have been born between August 29, 2005, and August 28, 2007, inclusive.
  • Gender: both women and men are welcome to apply.
  • Duration of Apprenticeship and Type of Employment: Applicants who successfully complete their 3-year DAE will be considered for a Special Pay Scale (SPS-0) position, depending on their qualifications and the needs of SUPARCO. Candidates who successfully complete the apprenticeship and work period are required to sign a 5-year bond with this division.
  • Unattached males and females of any age are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants who are physically and mentally able to perform their duties will be contacted.
  • All applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of Pakistan. Those who possess dual citizenship are ineligible to apply.

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What Is the Last Date For Submission Of the Application?

In order to apply, you must do so by August 29th, 2022.

Official Website Link?

  • Applicants must submit their applications using the website https://sitt.smartcareers.pk.
  • You may only apply for this position online, and all applications must be submitted in this manner.
  • Third, applications must be submitted by August 29, 2022.
  • Any applications received after the deadline, or which are missing required information will not be considered.
  • Five, if there are more applications than spots available, the applicants who are chosen will be subjected to exams and interviews.
  • The admissions examination will be administered in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.
  • Those who are accepted from afar will be provided with hostel accommodations, both for boys and girls.