Monday, May 27, 2024

ASEAN Foundation online Internship

The good news is here ASEAN Foundation online Internship is open now. Can there be the best opportunity in this lockdown due to COVID -19 than an online internship from a well known and recognized international organization? Instead of sitting useless in your home its time to learn some skills for your bright future. If you learn something better in this lockdown when everyone I just wasting time at home it will surely give you edge in life ahead.

This Internship is not restricted to some fields and students of specific universities of nationality. Students and applicants from Diverse fields can apply without the restriction of any nationality for this internship. It, not just an internship of 3 to 4 weeks it pretty long which ensures that you will go to learn something during this long tenure. The total internship duration will be between 8 to 24 weeks.

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Responsibilities OF THE INTERN:

  1. Writing ASEAN Foundation success stories to all ASEAN FOUNDATION official social media platforms.
  2. Update regularly all the media databases across ASEAN.
  3. The intern can Develop new ideas to engage more AF social media followers through different interactive games and quizzes on a regular basis.
  4. Update photo documentation database of ASEAN FOUNDATION.
  5. Should be available to do other tasks as requested by ASEAN Foundation

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  • Opportunity to gain some new experience working with the International ASEAN official body.
  • More Chance to learn about ASEAN affairs.
  • Can gain knowledge from experts during the internship.
  • Have a chance to work in an international work environment
  • Administration skills by managing administration work with the team leaders.
  • Work ethics of doing the official work team.
  • Skills in planning new projects and developing ideas.
  • Have a chance to learn Office work Management.
  • Coordination with the team head in other team members.

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Duration of ASEAN Foundation online internship:

The total duration of ASEAN FOUNDATION ONLINE Internship will be between total 8 to 24 weeks.

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QUALIFICATIONS Require for Apply:

Following Qualifications and main skills are required fro applying on this online internship.

  • Should be a student of an undergraduate degree.
  • Having good oral and written English Skills.
  • Should have experience in voluntary work in organizations and also a little work experience in collaboration with campus Administration.
  • Good analytical skills and also have basic knowledge about people and their culture, innovation, and the latest technology and socio-economic values.
  • Should have some basics skills regarding event management and video editing.
  • Have some abilities in organizing tasks and different works together so that he can learn and lead a team with great management.
  • The intern should be detail-oriented, Resourcefulness enthusiasm, and initiative in work.
  • Can easily work in a multi-cultural team environment because this is an international internship application will be from different nationalities and also from the different culture he should have the ability to interact with all new people with different backgrounds.

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